Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Fun is This?

I would totally do this.

I'm also way impressed by the girl in the formal.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Founding Farmers

Last Thurs I went into DC with a group from work to Founding Farmers. Its an organic, green-centered, all about sustainablity restaurant. I meant to tell you about it earlier, but got all excited about Sound of Music.

Thursday we were still in the week of non-stop rain, and it actually got bad enough that they were announcing evacuations over the radio. As we drove through the mixing bowl, the water was draining off the overpasses looked like waterfalls. It was crazy.

For appetizer, I got the grilled flat bread. It was grilled ciabata with marscapone cream, prosciuotto, and figs. It was amazing. It also came in three slices, and I told myself to only eat one and leave room for the rest of the meal, but after I tried it, it was pretty much gone.

For my main course I got chicken and waffles, which I had heard about and have been wanting to try for ages. I got two pieces of Pan Fried Southern style chicken, with gravy, and two quarters of Belgian waffle with syrup. It came with Mac-n-cheese, and I picked the double whipped red potatoes for my second side.

It was amazing. I tried a bit of everything, and knew I'd have to pick what to eat there and what to take home, cause I was pretty full from the appetizer. I went with the waffles, because I knew they wouldn't keep, and the potatoes, because they were some of the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten. They were smooth, with pieces of the skin, and you could tell they had been whipped with melted butter. Hmmmmmm.

For dessert I got red velvet cake, which was four layers high and served in a wedge so large, it took me three days to eat through it. I tried some of the cake, and then ate the vanilla ice cream that came with it (made fresh every day)

My friends made fun of me for not being able to eat the cake, but by then I was so full it hurt.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Last night I went with a couple of friends to Wolftrap for the Sound of Music Sing A Long. It was awesome. Loads of people were in costume; there were all kinds of Marias, items from "My Favorite Things" song (There was a row of people in front of us who were all wearing brightly colored wool mittens, and whenever that line came up, they'd raise their hands in the mittens, whoop and dance) and an entire contingent of people in drapery-based play clothes. There were also quite a few nuns, which was really impressive given that it's still in the 80s and humid.

They had a costume contest before the movie started, and my favorites were a trio of kids who were "Tea, with bread and jam" the eldest being Tea (dressed all in white, with tea bags stuck all over her), holding the hands of her little siblings, one dressed all in brown and the other all in red. My other favorite was a lady who came dressed as the third place folk singer, and was constantly bowing to the audience, she was hilarious.

We also got a bag of props, most of which were kind of silly, but there was a cool invite to the ball, and a string popper. You were supposed to pull your popper when the Captain and Maria kissed, making "The loudest popping kiss ever at Wolftrap" but some people popped theirs at various other times, to great comedic effect.

It was a lot of fun, and seeing the Sound of Music on a huge screen was amazing. When the songs started, there were 5,000 people singing along. It was like being part of a huge wave of sound and joy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Costco before a hurricane is a bit crazy

Today is my rotating day off, and I have nothing else planned so I was prepared to spend some quality time standing in lines at Costco.

I was a little worried when I saw the lines of people with carts full of water that I was a little late to the party, especially when I couldn't find the water. I finally tracked it down as they were restocking it in the back. Once I had my water, I was able to browse the canned goods at a more leisurely pace.

Costco is a good place to people watch. I was standing in the line to get some pizza for lunch. Behind me a girl told her Mom that she wanted a piece of cheese pizza. Her mother responded, with a cool African accent, the following:

"Cheese pizza? What have you bought with that? Nothing. All pizza comes with cheese. If you don't get pizza with something on it you are just wasting money, so if you want pizza you'll get one with pepperoni or that other stuff on it."

It really struck me because 1: she was right, and 2: I would never have thought of it that way.

Both the little girl and I got pepperoni pizza for lunch.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Virginia?

I was working in the lab when there was this loud rumble and the building started shaking. My first thought was that they must be blowing up something big on the demolition field, but the building started rolling and I knew it was an earthquake.

I went through a pretty bad earthquake in California, so I was one of the few who knew what was happening. Its probably good, because the two techs who were with me had no idea what was going on. We were in an aisle with giant superglue cabinets so I was like "Earthquake! Get to the door!" I helped hurry them along, since I was the farthest in and right next to a window, and didn't want to get squished.

Nothing fell or broke however. They made us evacuate until the building could be inspected, so we got to spend an hour baking outside.

Once we got the all clear, they let us back in, but everyone was pretty much fried, and worried about their homes and families so they let us go early. I was a little worried about my house, but when I got home everything was fine. My garbage can didn't even tip over.

My friends in Fredericksburg said that some of their stuff had tipped over or fallen off the walls, but nothing serious.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Closing and Marty the Guard Snake

So I am now officially a home owner. :) Closing went really well. The sellers were nice, and they told me about a hiking path just down the street from my new house, where I can hike to the lake and rent canoes and kayaks. How awesome is that? I didn't even know about the canoes.

Or the lake for that matter.

I didn't have to pay any fees and I actually got 2000 back which is awesome. After closing I've been using the time I took off work running around like a crazy person and spending all the gifts cards you guys got for me.

I got all the locks changed on my house, and since I was going anyway, I took a couple of bins that I had packed. I was hefting them to the front door when I noticed a runaway vine strand curling off one of the bushes in the front yard. "Huh" I thought, "I'll have to trim that back. Its growing right across the front steps."

And then it reared, and flicked its little tongue at me, which vines aren't generally known for doing. I backed away from the snake, and found a stick so that I could encourage him off the steps. I tried to get him to go to my neighbor's yard, since he was halfway there already, but instead he flipped around and slithered back into my bushes.

"All right, but no free loading. You better eat a lot of insects." And then I named him Marty.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disney Fun

I've been house hunting, and its pretty much taking up any spare moment I have. So that's why the blog's been so slow lately.

This is fun though, the Disney Princesses and Suckerpunch